What Is eWave®

eWave is the leading procedure that has allowed thousands of men to enjoy an active, spontaneous, and medication-free sex life. With gentle energy pulses, eWave stimulates penile tissue to increase the blood flow needed to improve erectile function and rigidity. Forget the days of waiting to see if the pill you’ve taken is going to work. eWave treatment is so successful, recent studies show that many men who are taking common erectile dysfunction medications are able to discontinue them completely and go back to spontaneous erections.



Used internationally since 2010, eWave is the ED solution that can allow you to perform spontaneously. This completely non-invasive procedure helps grow healthy, new blood vessels as the eWave energy pulses improve the blood flow and tissue in the penis. These energy waves interact with targeted tissues to produce a cascade of positive biological reactions including stimulation of cell proliferation, tissue regeneration, and angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels).

    • Outpatient Therapy
    • Non Surgical
    • No Medications
    • Short Treatments
    • No or Minimal Side Effects
    • No Anesthesia

**The device utilized in providing eWave treatments has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of heel pain due to plantar fasciitis and has not been approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction.


Low Intensity Energy Waves –> Create New Blood Vessels —–> Improves Blood Flow ————> Erection

A qualified urologist can determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment. The initial consult is typically covered under your insurance. With low satisfaction rates for common erectile dysfunction medications, many patients can count on eWave to give them the natural erection they once had.

Schedule a consult with a qualified urologist and learn more about eWave, the simple, non-surgical, outpatient therapy that could allow you to enjoy a spontaneous, active and medication-free sex life.